Guide to Selling a Property in Essex

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Pricing your property

It’s only natural to want to get the best possible price for your home.

But determining the asking price is often far from straightforward. Price is the single most important factor in determining whether your home sells quickly and successfully or languishes on the market. There are a number of factors that contribute to the value your home, such as recent comparable sales, location, features, condition and predicted market trends. Ultimately, however, your home is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it – and the best person to make this judgement is a reputable local estate agent. A good estate agent will use all of these factors and more to come to a carefully considered conclusion. In fact we quite often get a premium price for your property due to our exceptional marketing. If you have any misgivings about your valuation, you should always ask the agent for evidence. You may be tempted to start out at a higher price. We understand your desire to get as much as possible for your home, but in doing so you may be damaging your chances of a successful sale. Homes sell best when they are fresh on the market, and pricing your property too highly could mean missing out on a significant number of potential buyers. At Amos, our valuers are local property experts with significant experience pricing and selling homes in the region. We offer valuations for free, which are always carried out by a director of the firm or a senior manager who will always provide you with evidence of their judgement should you wish to see it.

Preparing your home for sale.

Give your property the best chance of selling by presenting a home that buyers can’t help to fall in love with. Exterior Give viewers a great first impression by removing all litter from around your home, putting your bins away and keeping your front garden and drive clean and tidy. Front door This is the first thing viewers will look at as they enter your home. If necessary, it is worth a new coat of paint and replacing any broken bells or knockers. Interior Complete a once-over of your home to make sure all painted walls are free of cracks, carpets are clean and free of stains, and all hallways are tidied and swept. Kitchen Your kitchen should be clean, neat and tidy. All fittings should be in good condition with handles or draws replaced if necessary. Don’t cook anything prior to a viewing to avoid unwanted smells. Bathrooms Bathrooms should also be sparkling, clean towels should be present and any products should be stored away in an appropriate place. Bedrooms Make sure all bedrooms are clean and tidy, beds are made and curtains are open to let in light. Living areas Viewers may want to sit down to discuss aspects of the home with you, so make sure any living areas are clean and comfortable. But don’t be tempted to stuff cupboards and closets with clutter – viewers will check inside. Furnishings Dust, tidy and hoover all soft furnishings and furniture. Make sure everything looks in good condition. Valuables While cases of theft are rare, we recommend that you remove all small valuable items from view. Garden A beautiful garden is something nearly every buyer is looking for. Make sure your garden is well tended and any patio areas are swept and clean. Pets If you have pets, pay special attention to the areas they usually inhabit, removing any hair and eliminating smells where possible. It can also be a good idea to take them for a walk when you have viewings.

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